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Have you bought a ticket for an event that you can't attend? Or are you perhaps looking for a ticket to a sold-out event?

It is possible to buy tickets from others and then transfer ownership of the ticket via the linticket app or on In this way, we can more easily avoid people being scammed. 

If you buy a ticket from a person and only receive a screenshot, we cannot guarantee that you can get in with that ticket. The ticket may still be used by the person who sold it to you and you may end up standing at the door without a valid ticket. To avoid this, you should ALWAYS ask for ownership of the ticket sold via linticket to be transferred. Then the ticket gets a new and unique barcode that can only be scanned by you.

In this video you can see how to transfer ownership of tickets at or read here:


1. Log in to and go to "My tickets"

2. Tap the symbol that looks like a hand with a dollar sign above it.

3. Enter the e-mail of the person who will buy the ticket.

4. Select the ticket(s) to be sold and press "transfer ownership of selected tickets"

5. The person who bought the ticket has received it by mail with a new barcode and is ready to use!

ATTENTION!! Remember to always check your spam/junk mail if you can't find the email with the ticket.

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