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What does it mean to be a volunteer at the Studentsamfunnet in Sogndal?

Being a volunteer, also called "active" at Studentsamfunnet, means that you work or participate in a subgroup a certain number of times a month and receive something called "active benefits". How much you have to participate depends on which subgroup you have worked actively in. For example in bar & guard you have to work 2 small and 1 large shift to become active, you can also combine shifts from different subgroups and you can work actively whenever you want!

What do you get for being a volunteer?

As mentioned, it depends which subgroups one volunteers in, but something that repeats itself in several is; discounted tickets, queuing (allowed to skip the queue), take part in internal parties and Christmas parties, the opportunity to rent the canteen for free (Meieriets own partyroom) and more. To find out more about benefits and workload related to the group you are wondering about, contact the UGL for the subgroup here!

Fill in our voluenteer form here! 

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