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Studentsamfunnet in Sogndal can offer a wide range of activities to many different subgroups. The subgroups are divided into four divisions: Operations, Events, Info and Creative. The groups vary from the more creative such as song, dance and podcast to the running of the house as in the caretaker gang, the DJ group, bar & guard etc. We provide thorough training to all volunteers, there is no requirement for prior knowledge and you will be left with a good experience that you can take with you further. Studentsamfunnet wants to give you the best time you can get! In addition, one can get various benefits from being active members of a subgroup such as e.g. opportunity to join their annual memperships trip! Contact the subgroup leader for the group to find out more!

To join a subgroup, you must be a member of the Student Association in Sogndal. Read more about membership here.


Check out this video to see a bit of what the different subgroups are up to!


Operation consists of five subgroups: Bar & Guard, Sound & Lights, the DJ group, Café and the Janitor gang. Operation is our largest division and they are the ones who run the house and enable us to hold concerts and cool events.

Belinda Øvstebø
Operations manager
Nr: +47 481 71 081



Bar & Guard

Bar & Guard is one of the most important groups we have, without this group the house cannot be kept open. They provide security during all our concerts and events. In bar & guard, you can try your hand at many different positions such as standing in a bar, being a stage guard during concerts, a doorman and much more. As a member of Studenthuset, everyone can try out in this subgroup through a membership duty. A guard in the bar & guard group is a great way to catch concerts, meet new people and gain good experience in the nightlife industry! During the shift you get coffee, snacks and soft drinks and after the shift you are also rewarded with pizza or other good food!

For questions about Bar & Guard contact
For questions about membership duty contact


Sound & Lights

2019.08.12 - SJUR - Samuel Eide - Utan Vassmerke-8.jpg

The sound & lights gang works behind the scenes and they are the ones who set up the sound and lighting equipment before concerts and events. In this subgroup, you get good training in all the equipment used during a stage set-up. Here you can learn about and play with lasers, smoke and cool effects to create the ultimate concert experience.

For questions about Sound & Light contact


If you are passionate about music and like to mix, the DJ group is for you! Here you get access to lots of good equipment, courses and access to a practice room with a powerful sound system to develop your skills. In this group, you can also play and control the music at themed parties and events at Meieriet.

For questions about the DJ group contact


The Café group keeps our café up and running, its them who make and serve coffee and food to hungry students. Here you can make food, set the menu, serve and mace coffee. You will get training i how to prepare different courses, drinks and experience and training with our espresso machine

For questions about the café group contact

The Janitors

The janitors keep to the shadows, not because they are mysterious but because the lightbulb broke. Without this group our house would fall apart, they fix everything from changing lightbulbs to plastering the walls. Its not only fixing but also room to be creative and build things!. This is the group for you who like to fix and build. They also enjoy a good round of cards at the end of a shift.

For questions about the Janitors contact



The Events division are those who organize large and small events at the house and help to carry them out.

Here you can get up close to artists or decorate for a party!

Hege Rongevær
Event manager
Nr: +47 458 69 581



Artist hosts

The artist hosts are the group for those who want to get close to the artists who play at Meieriet. The members in this group act as hosts for the artists and ensure that the artists have a good stay with us!


For questions about artist host contact



The quiz-gang organizes the extremely popular thursday quizzes at Meieriet. Their goal is that no two evenings should be the same as another, therefore they are looking for people with different interests to create and present quizzes for a full house of students!

For questions about the quiz group contact

IMG_8847 copy.jpg


The information division ensures a good flow of information on the various SoMe profiles and promotes the house and takes pictures for promotion.

Håkon Solli Grønningsæter
Information manager
Nr: +47 900 74 273



The photo group

The photo group takes pictures of events and concerts that take place at the house. These images are further used in the promotion of Studentsamfunnet and Meieriet. Here you can develop your photography skills and editing skills and get training and access to good cameras and programs such as Photoshop.


For questions about Blest contact

Honningbarna - Josef Tveit_1.jpg


This division contains subgroups for those who want to challenge their own creativity and achieve both small and large goals! Whether it's playing a concert for a full house, playing a role-playing game, performing on a stage and much more.

Synne Heimli Vd Meeren
Board member Creative
Nr: +47 957 21 944



The band group

We are Studentsamfunnets (future) rock stars. With us, you get access to a great practice room, full of instruments and equipment. As a member of the band group, you get the opportunity to show off on the bandstand, either as part of a band or as a solo artist. Join our musical community!

For questions about the band group contact

Band Ytelse

The song group


Do you sing in the shower, on the bus or wherever you are? Then the song group is the right place for you. Anyone who wishes is welcome to sing with us.

The song group sings all kinds of songs, and everyone can come up with their own wishes. The group needs students who enjoy singing. We gather every Monday at 7 pm at Meieriet. Come along and sing with the voice you have!


For questions about the song group contact

The dance group

We are Meieriet's (current) dance stars, and meet once a week to plan, choreograph and practice together. Our main focus is that everyone should be able to participate, regardless of previous experience. Join a social, creative and inclusive environment!

For questions about the dance group contact

Dance Team



Do you enjoy speaking into a microphone with a good crowd? Or to make various videos on YouTube or run an Instagram account? Meiografen is a subgroup where you can do something different, like for example podcast, YouTube or something else entirely! We welcome most ideas. We already have a podcast called Meiopodden, but welcome anyone who wants to come up with something exciting! Here you also get access to various equipment that can help with what you want to do.

For questions about the meiografen, contact

RPG group

Have you ever watched Stranger Things and wondered what the boys were playing in the basement? It was an RPG called Dungeons and Dragons.

We in the role-playing group have regular meetings where we sit down, take out the dice and play role-playing games. We get together to play Dungeons and dragons (D&D) or other role-playing games. The group has a wide selection of role-playing games to choose from and we play what we want.

The main focus of the group is that everyone should have a good time when they show up.

For questions about the RPG group, contact

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