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Studentsamfunnet in Sogndal is a student organization based at Meiriet, which is also run by us. We are a night club, a concert stage and a student organization that engages in activities such as music, dance, podcast, operations, photography, artist hosting, bar & guard and much more. (Read more about the different subgroups here). To achieve all this, we are organized into several subgroups and are run by volunteers.

As a member, you help to run the house and the organisation, you can also participate in all the subgroups we have to offer and benefit from several benefits:

As a member you get:

  • Free entry on all ordinary evenings at Meieriet (except quiz).

  • Discounted tickets for all our events and concerts.

  • Opportunity to join all the subgroups we have to offer.

  • Right to vote at the general meeting of Studentsamfunnet.

  • Discounts from our partners:

What do I have to do to become a member?

  • To become a member, you must purchase a membership from us. You can choose whether you want to buy for half or a full year. (Purchased at

  • Participate in member duty at Meieriet once during the semester.

Membership costs NOK 250 for a year (2 semesters) and NOK 150 for half a year (1 semester)


As a member, you choose how actively you want to participate in the student organisation, some of our members, such as the board, the headguards and the subgroup leaders, have bigger tasks and work more to run the house, while others enjoy sticking to their membership duty. If you are a member, you are obliged to attend a memberships duty during the semester. This means that you work on one of our events, in a good spirit of service, and become part of the operation of the house. Our events would not have been possible without the help of our members. This evening you work for the others who are out, while the others will work the next time you go to party.

A membership of Studentsamfunnet is a great opportunity to meet new people, try new activities and give something back to the student community!


  • Subway 15% discount (Subway is looking for a part-time employee)

  • Tingbui, 15% discount

  • Nybø Blomster, 10% discount

  • Lillys Frisørsalong, 10% discount

  • Lux house, 10% on all treatments

  • Jernia, 10% discount

  • Vite Meir, 20% discount

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