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What is VEKAO?

VEKAO is a festival in Sogndal that is organized in March every year! Here you will find cultural elements in the form of concerts and lectures and lots of great activities such as the traditional ski day, themed parties and much, much more! The VEKAO festival is organized through the Studentsamfunnet in Sogndal where VEKAO functions as a subgroup at the house with a festival manager and a committee. 


Do you want to join in creating the festival of the ages?

We are looking for a new festival director and a new committee for VEKAO 2024! Are you interested in helping to create Sogndal's best festival? Apply as festival manager or nominate someone you think is suitable as festival manager here!

If you are interested in joining the VEKAO committee, the application form will be posted on vekao and the student society's SoMe channels when the role of festival manager has been filled, you can still send an email to the Events Manager for Samfunnet at if you are interested! Feel free to ask questions about the positions or if you have any questions!

The positions that must be filled in the committee are:


Green festival

VEKAO wants to create a festival that goes in step with the society we live in today. A focus on quality, safety and environmentally conscious choices. We want our guests to go home with the best festival feeling. 

We all have a social responsibility, and VEKAO has chosen to be an environmentally friendly festival. In collaboration with the green festival of Brak, we have committed ourselves to this. This means that we want to minimize our climate footprint in connection with winding down VEKAO. Various points that are important in the process are transport, waste, energy and purchasing. We encourage all our partners to take part in this process. Together we can be more sustainable.

Questions about Green Festival? read more here and here.

Photos from VEKAO 2023

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