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Online sale of tickets

Studentsamfunnet in Sogndal sells tickets via the ticket program LinTicket. All tickets are equipped with a unique barcode that is scanned and checked when you arrive at the door. If you have received your ticket(s) by e-mail, we encourage you to print them out in advance or have them ready on your phone, then you help the queue go faster. Please note that online sales close one hour before the event starts.

Direct sale of tickets

Tickets can be bought at the Office on the second floor of Meieriet during the office's opening hours.

Buy in advance - save money!

The prices of all tickets rise if you wait to buy a ticket until you get to the door. It is therefore advisable to buy a ticket in advance.

Why fee?

Studentsamfunnet charges a fee of NOK 20 on all tickets, whether you buy online or at the door. The fee goes towards operating the ticket system and maintenance and upgrading of ticket equipment.

Always at our events
  • There is an age limit of 18 and ID is required at all events at the Dairy, unless otherwise stated.

  • You may be turned away at the door without valid identification.

  • False identification and/or use of someone else's identification will be reported to the police.

  • The doors open at 21.00 (unless otherwise stated)

  • Tickets are only refunded if the event is cancelled.

  • You must bring your membership certificate (email with confirmation of purchased membership at the door, if you have purchased a membership ticket.

Questions or problems when buying an online ticket?

Contact the event manager at

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