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What is membership duty and why should I do it?

As a member of Studentsamfunnet, you are obliged to attend once during the semester. This means that you are working at an event, together with the volunteers at the house and other members. Our events would not have been possible without the help of our members. This evening you work for the others who are out, while the others will work the next time you go out. 

When do I have to have my membership duty?

One to two weeks before your membership duty, you will receive a text with information about when we want you to work. If you want to work on a specific date, you can send an e-mail to our member manager at


I have been put on member duty, but that doesn't fit. What do I do? 

If the date does not suit, you can send an e-mail to Feel free to suggest a new date. Sometimes it takes a while before we can remove you from the system. If you receive a message reminding you that you have been put on duty after you have notified the member manager, you can simply ignore the message.

What does a typical membership duty look like?

Membership duty is very nice! You get to meet new people and try your hand at being a guard or at the bar, snacks are served along the way, often in the form of fruit, sweets and chips and drinks in the form of soft drinks and coffee. At the end of the evening, pizza is usually served and occasionally we offer a slightly more exclusive dinner.

A typical membership duty can look like this

  • Attendance at Laben at Meieriet. Here you meet the rest of the gang who will be working with you this evening. There is coffee, chat and fun, the tasks for the evening will be distributed and you will receive good training in what to do.

  • The doors open. Everyone is in place at their post.

  • Snacks along the way. If you are on patrol, you may be on several posts during the evening. 

  • The house closes, the last guests leave for the evening and everyone helps to clean up. Afterwards, there is food and drink for everyone who has worked and you can stroll back home. 

The tasks one can choose from vary. Some typical tasks are doorman, scanning tickets and giving a stamp at the entrance, standing in the cloakroom, being a patrolman or bartender. If you should have questions along the way, you can always ask the head guards or any of the other active members of the house.

We look forward to meeting you at member's duty!

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