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Welcome to Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal!

Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal contributes a lot to the social happenings in Sogndal.
On this page, we want to inform new students about what the Student Association is, what happens at the house and other practical information that may be nice to know at the start of your studies.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit the office, or to contact us at 
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In November 1998, Studentsamfunnet and the concert stage Meiriet opened its doors for the first time. Since the opening, several major artists have been present on the stage in the small village, and Meieriet has become a natural stopping point for artists on tour. Over the years, the students have had great concert experiences from, among others, Kaizers Orchestra, Karpe Diem, Ka2, Highasakite, Julie Bergan, Astrid S, Honningbarna and many, many more.

In April 2023, the general assembly decided that Studenthuset Meiriet should change its name to Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal to better distinguish between the house and the pub, which will continue to be called Meiriet, and the student organization Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal. This is because we are so much more than just a night club! Everything is organized by the Student Association but takes place at Meieriet.

untitled-05715-HDRBilete av Studenthuset

Studentsamfunnet i Sogndal

Studentsamfunnet is centrally located in Fjøra, in the center of Sogndal. We have a very high chimney and the house is painted pink, so it should not be difficult to find.

The largest concert stage at Meieriet is called Tanken, it was where they kept the milk in the old days. At Tanken there is a bar, and above the bar is the Gallery, where you can enjoy first-class views of the stage. In addition to the bars at Tanken and at Galleriet, we have Laben, where the dairy laboratory was located, which is also used as a café. Furthermore, there are meeting rooms, rehearsal rooms for bands and multi-purpose rooms that are filled with choir, drama, podcasts and other activities every week. 

Do you want to book premises at Studentsamfunnet? Send an email to our managing director at

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