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Studetnsamfunnet in Sogndal is 100% based on voluntary work. Although we are volunteer-based, the work you do is rewarded with various benefits, experiences, new friendships and a certificate that looks great on your CV! Larger roles also receive a greater amount of benefits. If you are curious about what the roles entail, what the benefits are, or have other questions, contact the person responsible for the relevant division for the position you are wondering about!


Booking manager

Division Arrangement 

The booking manager is a very important role at Studentsamfunnet! Booking is responsible for booking artists to play at the house!


UGL Festkultur

Division arrangement

Subgroup leader or "UGL" festkultur or "party culture" has the main responsibility for the festkultur subgroup and the members of this group. Festkultur are those who decorate and prepare the house before themed parties and events that need a little extra decoration!

Festkultur is currently an inactive group due to a lack of UGL.


Contact person for division arrangement:
Hege Rongevær
Event manager
Nr: +47 458 69 581



UGL Band

Division Creative 

The band group is looking for a new subgroup leader! The duties of the UGL Band are to be the liaison between the band group and the board, as well as to ensure that the group follows rules and to encourage creativity and interaction in the group.


UGL Theatre

Division Creative 

Theater is a new subgroup at the Student Association in Sogndal. We are looking for a person who wants to breathe life into the theater scene in Sogndal, who likes to think creatively and who wants to bring people together to recreate scenes and plays, improvise and create an environment for creative souls.


Contact person for division Creative:
Synne Heimli Vd Meeren
Board member Creative
Nr: +47 957 21 944


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